Thank you to all participants! We have seen some brilliant mentions of Bybit during the time of this promotion!

All the users under you have received their -10% discount for all trading pairs for a month after we received your submission.


  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Create worthy content about Bybit on your channel (video, tweet, blog post etc)
  • Submit the link to the content within limited time for evaluation (July 16 – August 6)


July 16 – August 6: Registration/ Submission Period
August 7- August 10: Voting Period
August 11 – 13: Winner Announcements
August 14 – 16: Awarding Phase

Here are the tips for different channels:

  1. Grab the Viewer’s Attention – with energetic voice or/and video expressions
  2. Relate to the Problem – find a problem that most of your users have on Bybit (features, trading process, strategy etc)
  3. Explain Your Solution and show the proof
  4. Show Them What to Do – lead your viewer with video examples in each step of the way
  5. Mention the rewards or hidden gems – $600 bonuses on Bybit or MORE!
  6. Include promo details and your link in the description and show it in your video
* Statistic shows that live streams generate higher conversions than any other videos

  1. Are you a meme lord at heart? Feel free to recreate classic memes with Bybit logos!
  2. Feel free to use humor and jokes, but do not forget to be positive about Bybit
  3. Post your unique content on Fleets and tag @bybit_official to increase views
  4. Don’t forget to use #BybitUGC in your tweets to have your content shown more easily in Twitter search
  5. Have multiple social platforms? Feel free to promote your content on Twitter too! Increase your views and chance of winning!
* Statistic shows that live streams generate higher conversions than any other videos

  1. Grab the Viewer’s Attention – strong personal opinion about Bybit as a first line will catch attention of your audience
  2. Mention Bybit advantages – max 2 advantages of Bybit that respond to the problems of your audience
  3. Show real example – your trade results or analytics
  4. Mention exclusive rewards – $600 bonuses on Bybit or MORE!
  5. Add attractive banner to your post
* Statistic shows that live streams generate higher conversions than any other videos

  1. Think of captivating headline – Bybit always has loud news to share
  2. Add attractive banner with your affiliate link connected
  3. Keep your text short but informative, mention Bybit advantages
  4. Include calls to action – use your affiliate link when you mention Bybit
  5. Don’t forget about SEO techniques
* Statistics show that SEO optimised articles generate higher conversions, than articles containing unique and valuable research

  1. Focus on Bybit advantages and play around them:
    1. Best Liquidity, minimal slippage
    2. No overloads
    3. Honest trading environment and transparency
    4. Bonuses and promos – $600 and -10% (current)
    5. Top trading instruments for perfect executions
  2. Seek assistance from your account manager
  3. Aim for one category in the marathon – remember, highest share of prize pool is in creativity and quality
* Statistic shows that live streams generate higher conversions than any other videos


Ctrl + F your Affiliate Code to determine what prize you are getting (command + F for iOS). If you are 1st in 1st category, here is the formula: 40,000*0.25*0.20 = $2000. See the breakdown poster below and the Rules.

RankHighest Traded VolumeHighest No of Likes, Views, RepostsBest VideoBest TweetBest PostBest Website


  • Marathon is only valid for existing Bybit affiliates
  • Prize pool is distributed among 6 categories and each category takes different share of the price pool. If you want to know how much the Top 1 winner for Highest trading volume will get, here is the formula:
    Current Prize Pool * 25% (category share of the prize pool) * 20% (winner share of the prize pool) = Top 1 Reward in USDT
  • Depending on the number of participants prize pool will increase up to $200,000 for total of 1000 participants
  • Users registered under each participant will enjoy 10% discount on all trading pairs for a month once participant submits their content link successfully
  • Earlier you submit your link, more time you will have to get conversions that count for a win
  • Only content created between July 16 – August 6 will be eligible to win a share of the prize pool