BTC Brawl Disqualification Announcement

Bybit strives to offer a fair and competitive trading environment for all retail traders. This extends to the operation of our platform, and to any competitions we may host, including the BTC Brawl, which is currently in progress.

Unfortunately, we must announce BTC Brawl participants BayesianEdge (687783) and DeepLearningAlpha (682542) have been disqualified from the competition for violation of the competition rules.

Reason for disqualification: Violation of section 7 of the Bybit BTC Brawl competition rules (During the event, users who cancel orders more than 20 times per minute may be disqualified). 

The rule, as mentioned above, is in place to prevent traders from using tools or bots to achieve high-frequency trading results that could give them an unfair advantage over the other manual traders. By judging both accounts’ frequency of order cancelation (multiple times of 20 times per minute), the conclusion was made that the above rules (that were defined before the competition began) were violated.

Although these users’ accounts have been disqualified from the BTC Brawl, the 20% discount on trading fees is still valid until the end of the competition. Bybit encourages API or bots traders to stay tuned as we may host competitions specifically dedicated for API/bots traders in the future.