Come What May — April 26

Chart of the Day

Come What May. With less than a week to the end of April, crypto exchanges have already seen $1.3 trillion in volume, eclipsing February high. This marks the third consecutive month we’re seeing volumes exceed $1 trillion. Crypto exchange volume as a percentage of NYSE-owned exchange volumes increased from 8% in September last year, to 49% in February. Quite some growth, don’t you think? The violent swings from an extremely bullish ATH to the largest single-day Bitcoin futures liquidation certainly serve to buoy the volume, while reminds us — the market is full of surprises. 

Talk of the Town

That’s Impressive. The crypto lending sector has gone parabolic in Q1, with lending deposits on the three largest and most popular Ethereum-based DeFi platforms hitting an all-time high. Aave, Compound, MakerDAO collectively held more than $25 billion from users, like nothing the industry has ever seen before.